These Terms and Conditions include the general terms and conditions related to the use of the website KAS asunnot Oy (hereinafter “KAS asunnot”) maintains at and any included services (hereinafter “website and services”). The user agrees to the Terms and Conditions by using the website and services.

KAS asunnot may, at any time, change the content or availability of the website and services or stop publishing the website and providing the services either temporarily or permanently. KAS asunnot shall also have the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.

Intellectual property rights

All content published on the website and services is property owned by KAS asunnot and protected by trademark rights, copyright and/or other intellectual property rights, with the exception of services produced by third parties and included on the website, such as map services. KAS asunnot reserves all rights to content published on the website and services.

Content published on the website and in the services may be browsed and copied by printing or downloading files to a computer. However, the content may only be used for non-commercial and personal purposes. Copies or part thereof may not be sold or distributed electronically or as paper copies for commercial purposes, or be changed or attached to other content or other websites. Press releases may be published in the media.

Limitation of liability

The website and services are provided “as is”. KAS asunnot does its best to ensure that the website and services are available and can be used without interruption or errors, and that the material and information contained is up to date and accurate. However, KAS asunnot is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or interruption of business caused by access to the website and services, interruption or errors in their usability or their content, even if the possibility of such loss has been reported to KAS asunnot.

The website and services may contain links to websites and services maintained by external parties (e.g. map service). Such links are services provided solely for users and KAS asunnot is not liable for these websites, their content, accuracy of their content or for ensuring that the collection of personal data on the websites is compliant with legislation.

Processing of personal data (data protection)

The website of KAS asunnot may include services that require the processing of personal data. Personal data is primarily collected from the customer himself or herself, the credit data register maintained by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and the population information system maintained by the Population Register Centre. Personal data is used for purposes such as management of customer relationships, customer satisfaction surveys, other surveys and customer communications. The collected data forms a part of KAS asunnot’s personal data files. Further information on the use of personal data and file descriptions of KAS asunnot’s data files can be found at

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