1. Data controller

KAS asunnot Oy (Business ID: 1656611-3)

Toinen linja 14,

00530 Helsinki

Tel. (09) 771 2777

  1. Person in charge of data registers

Property Manager

Toinen linja 14,

00530 Helsinki

Tel. (09) 771 2777


  1. Name of the data file

Camera surveillance register

  1. Purpose of use of personal data

The processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest of the company and/or investigation into crimes, vandalism or other abuses that have taken place on property owned by the controller.

  1. Data content of the register

Video image of persons, vehicles, etc. on the property.

  1. Regular sources of data

Video cameras

  1. Data storage period

Camera surveillance data is stored for a period that is deemed necessary, if it contains data to be examined based on the purpose of use. After the examination of the data has been completed the data is stored for a period of time that is deemed necessary in order to prepare, present and defend a legal claim. When there is no longer need to store the data, the data shall be erased within three years. Otherwise, the data is erased by recording over it within six months of recording.

  1. Regular disclosure of data

The data is generally not disclosed to outside KAS asunnot.

If there is a suspicion of a crime, data may be disclosed to the police.

  1. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

If necessary, the data may be transferred to other EU member states or outside the EEA.

  1. Right of access, rectification and prohibiting processing

The data subject has the right to see what data concerning him or her has been stored in the data file. Any request to inspect the data must be made personally in the premises of the controller. In order to find the correct data, the data subject must state the location and the time of recording with as much accuracy as possible. The person requesting the data must attach a photograph of himself/herself to the right of access request.


  1. Principles of data file protection

Data stored in the electronic data file is protected with firewalls, passwords and other generally accepted technical means of protection. Manually maintained materials are stored in facilities to which unauthorised access is prevented.

Only named employees of the controller and companies working for and on behalf of the controller, who have also signed a non-disclosure agreement, have access to the data included in the data file by personal access right granted by the controller.