We have taken out a voluntary AsumisPLUS customer cover for our properties to enhance the security of our residents.

Group accident insurance

The insurance cover is valid round-the-clock on the grounds of our properties and in communal spaces. Insured persons include those who permanently live in the building and are included in the tenant register, as well as persons carrying out communal work as unpaid volunteers.

The insurance cover compensates for incurred treatment expenses and any permanent disability. Medical treatment must be sought within 14 days of the accident. The beneficiary is the insured person. The insured person must first pay for any treatment expenses and then apply for compensation based on the original documents.

The maximum compensation per insured person per loss event is:

  • treatment expenses EUR 18,000
  • permanent disability (100%) EUR 25,000
  • accidental death EUR 2,000
  • glasses and hearing aids during communal work EUR 500 (deductible EUR 50)

Insurance cover by insurance company: AIG Europe Limited, service number 0207 010 100 / www.aig.fi

Instructions can be found on the notice board of your building. For further information, please contact the property manager or Howden Finland Oy at www.howdenfinland.fi / 09 5420 2400.