More information about security deposit refund can be found here.

We offer a deposit refund benefit to long-term KAS apartment residents.

After successful tenancy and performance of your duties we will return the rental security deposit you have paid at the start of your tenancy. The prerequisites include three consecutive years of tenancy, no collection of overdue rent payments in the previous two years, no arrears of rent, no faults discovered during the apartment inspection and no disturbances caused during tenancy.

You can print out the application from the link below or request it from rent management. Please submit your form to: Hakemus KAS asunnot, Vuokravalvonta, Toinen linja 14, 00530 Helsinki, Finland.

The property manager will carry out an apartment inspection. A written notice of whether the inspection passed or failed will be delivered to you within a few weeks. If a social assistance voucher granted by social services was used for the security deposit the deposit will not be refunded.