Finland is divided into five administrative regions of KAS asunnot:

Uusimaa, Länsi-Suomi, Häme, Pohjanmaa, Rovaniemi.

The lessor shall convene a regional meeting once per year. The chairpersons of residents’ committees are to attend the regional meetings.

At the meeting, the participants shall elect candidates for the residents’ board for two years at a time. Candidates are appointed regionally.

The residents’ meeting shall elect a regional representative from the candidates appointed by the regional meeting. The board of directors of KAS asunnot shall then approve the election. The residents’ board shall appoint a chairperson. The board of directors of KAS asunnot shall also approve this appointment.

The chairperson of the residents’ board shall participate in the meetings of the board of directors of Municipal Housing Ltd.

Members of the residents’ board 2018 – 2019


Setälä Eira, Rovaniemi


Kosonen Merja, Orimattila

Laitinen Veikko, Hausjärvi

Pulkkinen Juha, Vihti

Simonen Ensio, Rovaniemi