The purpose of residents’ democracy is to:

  • promote interaction, cooperation and trust between the lessor and the tenants;
  • provide tenants with opportunities to influence decision-making;
  • increase mutual responsibility related to housing matters;
  • improve management of the house’s affairs, flow of information and influencing through cooperation. This also increases residents’ safety and comfort;
  • promote good maintenance of houses through mutual trust.

Further information regarding residents’ democracy can be found on ARA’s website.

Residents’ meeting

Residents of rental apartments can exercise their right of decision in residents’ meetings. A meeting must be convened at least once per year to deal with matters provided in the Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings. A residents’ meeting is convened by the residents’ committee or, if no such committee exists, by the owner. KAS asunnot shall convene a residents’ meeting in the autumn in connection with determining the rent. Otherwise a meeting is convened if necessary.