Life is full of changes and housing needs may also change. If you are interested in moving from one KAS apartment to a bigger or smaller KAS apartment or even one located in another city you can.

Apartment change process

1. Finding a rental apartment

You can visit our website to view either all apartments or apartments that are available or about to become available. You can search for apartments using various search function, such as by location, by size or by apartment type.

Once you have found an apartment, building or area that interests you, you can submit your change application on our website.

2. Change application

Fill out a housing application on our website. You can either fill out the application for a specific apartment that interests you, or as a general application for all apartments that meet your criteria in your city or town. Detailed instructions for filling out the application can be found here. Please remember to indicate on the first page of your application that you are moving from one KAS apartment to another. Your application is valid for 3 months. You can renew your change application by filling out a new application on our website.

3. Processing of housing applications

Your completed application is saved into our customer register. Our housing negotiators process applications daily and will contact you via telephone or email as soon as possible if they have an apartment to offer you. Please note that the rental market situation changes rapidly and even if we cannot offer you an apartment straight away, our housing negotiators will continue to actively look at apartments that become available to find an apartment that meets your criteria. During the processing of your application we will check your credit record from the database of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and your rent payment record from our rent management systems. Please read the criteria our housing team uses for making decisions related to moving from one apartment to another. Before you are offered a new apartment, the property manager will come and inspect the condition of your current apartment.

4. Apartment viewing

When our housing negotiators offer you an apartment, they will also instruct you on apartment viewing. It is a good idea to go view the apartment before accepting an offer, even if you are certain that you are going to accept the offer.

5. Attachments to the housing application

When you plan to move from one apartment to another, our housing negotiators will determine what attachments you will need to deliver. You will be given further information on the delivery of the attachments during the apartment change process.

6. Rental agreement and termination

Once you have accepted an apartment that was offered to you, a housing negotiator will discuss the terms and conditions of the agreement with you and instruct you on entering into the rental agreement. Please note that you also have to terminate the rental agreement of your old apartment. We comply with the normal period of notice in situations where a tenant moves from one of our apartments to another.

7. Rental security deposit

Please note that when moving from one apartment to another the security deposit of the new apartment must be paid before the keys to the apartment are handed over to you. The same principles applied to people moving out also apply to the refunding of your old apartment’s security deposit. Further information about moving out can be found here. The rent security deposit is always apartment-specific.

Criteria for changing apartments

New apartments are given to old tenants on the basis of applications made by applicants. The most common criteria for granting a change of apartment include: at least one (1) year of uninterrupted tenancy in the old apartment, regular and timely payment of rent, no unpaid rent, no reported disruptions, need for a different apartment and good condition of the current apartment (inspected by the property manager). Exceptions can be made concerning the criteria for one year of uninterrupted tenancy if the apartment change is necessary because of a move to a different city due to work or other cogent reason. Before a new apartment is offered to you the property manager will come and inspect the condition of your current apartment. If your current apartment has been poorly maintained, we cannot offer you a new apartment.

Mutual exchange of apartments

If you find another tenant of ours who would like to change apartments with you the exchange process is the same as described here. State in your application (last page of the online application with an open text field, or the additional information field of a paper application form) which apartment you would like to move into and who you would like to exchange apartments with. Your application will be processed in accordance with the regular process and housing management will contact you.