We hope that you enjoy living in your KAS apartment. However, if you decide to move out, please note the following things.

Terminating a rental agreement electronically

You may terminate your rental agreement electronically by identifying yourself using your Finnish online banking identifiers. Have your login information ready when you sign in to the electronic termination service.

If two people have signed the rental agreement both must separately terminate the agreement.

Start the electronic termination of your rental agreement here

If you do not have Finnish online banking identifiers you can terminate your rental agreement by delivering a written and signed termination notice to your building’s property manager.

NOTE! You cannot terminate your rental agreement via email. Click here to print the termination form.


Please terminate your parking space and sauna reservation by contacting the property manager or a maintenance company specified by the property manager.

Period of notice and date of moving out

The period of notice is one calendar month. According to law, the period of notice is calculated from the last day of the calendar month during which the notice of termination was received. For example, if you submit your termination notice on 12 May your rental agreement terminates on 30 June and you are liable to pay rent until the end of June.

You need to move out on the date of termination at the latest.

Termination of the rental agreement of one tenant

If only one of the tenants living in an apartment wishes to terminate his or her rental agreement the notice of termination should be submitted either electronically or on paper to the property manager. The period of notice is one calendar month which means that the tenants are liable to pay rent jointly until the end of the following month. It should be stated in the termination notice that one of the tenants will continue to rent the apartment.

In case of death

Tenancy does not terminate when the tenant dies. Instead, the tenancy and related obligations are transferred to the estate. Rental agreements cannot be terminated via email.

Instructions for shareholders to an estate

Termination notice, death estate

Power of attorney for managing a tenancy

Apartment viewings

After you have terminated your rental agreement, your apartment may be shown to interested housing applicants during the notice period. With your permission, we may give your contact details to an interested applicant to arrange a viewing. We can also agree that a representative of KAS asunnot will show your apartment to applicants during the notice period.

Moving out and returning your keys

You need to move out on the date of termination of your rental agreement at the latest.

Keys must be signed off and must therefore be returned in person. Please contact your property manager for more detailed instructions on returning your keys.

Security deposit

Security deposits are used to cover rent that remains unpaid after the termination of a rental agreement, as well as various costs related to use and/or wear and tear. They can also be used to cover any damages caused to a rental apartment, cleaning costs and collection costs from the collection of rent receivables. If your apartment is in appropriate condition and you have successfully taken care of all your payment obligations your security deposit will be refunded in 2 to 4 weeks from the termination of your tenancy. Please make sure to include your bank account number in your notice of termination.

Final cleaning

When you move out you must make sure that your apartment is cleaned properly. You must also remove old appliances, furniture, mattresses, etc. from the apartment and the premises. You are not allowed to leave your property in the waste bin shelter or elsewhere on the premises. If we need to clean and/or empty your apartment or dispose of your property, we will charge you for any incurred costs.

Instructions for final cleaning

Apartment inspection

After you have sent your termination notice the property manager will come to inspect the condition of your apartment. The inspection can be carried out at the end of your last month of tenancy or after your tenancy terminates. The property manager will schedule a date for the inspection with you.