Once you have found a rental apartment, building or area that you are interested in you should fill out an application. The application is valid for 3 months. If the information included in the application changes and you need to fill out a new application the new application replaces the previously submitted one. Apartments that appear to be available may have already been offered to another applicant, but a rental agreement has not yet been signed.

When selecting residents, we comply with ARA’s guidelines on housing urgency and asset limits. The majority of our apartments are funded using Arava or interest-subsidy loans which affects our resident selection. The funding of some of our apartments is non-subsidised and the apartments can be rented to people and companies without set asset limits. We check the credit information of all applicants from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s database.

A housing negotiator will contact you if we can offer you an apartment. We will ask for any necessary attachments in the written apartment offer we will send you. You do not have to send any attachments before receiving an offer, unless specifically requested.

Go to the application

You can also fill out a housing application here, print it and then sign it. Send the application to a housing negotiator of the city or town in which you are applying for an apartment. Contact details can be found here.