The amount of the rental security deposit is usually EUR 250 for all new rental agreements. If the applicant’s credit history includes payment default entries the amount of the security deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent. The security deposit may be paid in money or using a social assistance voucher granted by Kela. The amount of the security deposit may be different for businesses, for example. KAS asunnot also accepts funding granted by Vakuusrahoitus Oy as a rental security deposit. For further information, go to

The security deposit specified in your rental agreement must be paid to KAS asunnot before the start of your tenancy. You will not be handed over the keys or use of the apartment before you have paid the agreed security deposit.

The lessor can use the security deposit to cover rent that remains unpaid after the termination of a rental agreement, as well as various costs related to use and/or wear and tear. It can also be used to cover any damages caused to a rental apartment, cleaning costs and collection costs from the collection of rent receivables. If the apartment is in appropriate condition and all payment obligations have been successfully taken care of the security deposit will be returned to the tenant within two weeks from the termination of tenancy.