On what basis does KAS offer rental apartments?

The majority of our properties are built using government funding and are Arava or interest-subsidy loan funded. When selecting residents for these properties, we comply with ARA’s guidelines on housing urgency and asset limits.

KAS asunnot also has non-subsidised properties to which government restrictions do not apply.

How long do I have to wait for an apartment?

Many factors, such as size and location of the apartment, affect the time it takes to process your application. Housing applications are automatically saved into our customer register and we process them daily. Filling out your application carefully speeds up the processing of your application. We check the credit record of all applicants from the database of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. One of our housing negotiators will contact you if we find an apartment that meets your requirements.

Can I get an apartment if I have a payment default entry in my credit history?

We check the credit record of all applicants from the database of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. Payment default entries may prevent you from getting an apartment if the lessor has reason to suspect that the applicant might not pay their rent.

What is the security deposit policy of KAS asunnot?

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How can I apply for an apartment in more than one city?

If you are applying for an apartment in more than one city, please fill out a separate application for each city. The applications for different cities are processed by different employees.

Does KAS charge a commission?

We do not charge a commission fee because we only rent our own apartments.

Why are some apartments shown online but not offered to me?

KAS apartments that are available or are about to become available are shown on our website. Some of the apartments might already be reserved or we might have received a number of applications for a single apartment. The apartment will be removed from our website once a written rental agreement on it has been signed.

Where and how can I collect the keys to my new apartment?

One of our housing negotiators will provide you with instructions. When you come to collect your keys, please bring with you your signed rental agreement, proof of ID and receipt for your rental security deposit. If someone collects the keys on your behalf, they must bring an authorisation signed by you, in addition to the rental agreement, their ID and the security deposit receipt. Contact details of property managers.

Are pets allowed in KAS apartments?

Pets are allowed in almost all of our apartments. However, please remember that as the tenant you are responsible for any damage caused by your pet. Professional breeding of animals is forbidden.

If I accept an apartment that is offered to me can I request repairs or renovations?

Our apartments are inspected when the previous resident moves out and the inspector will determine whether repairs or renovations are needed.

You can go and view the apartment before signing your rental agreement. Notify the property manager of any faults or defects you notice without delay. Once you sign your rental agreement you accept it in the condition it is in at the time of signing the agreement (including repairs and renovations determined by the inspector).