Waste costs are one of the biggest property maintenance costs. All property maintenance costs directly affect the amount of rent. Waste management companies charge separately for each separate bag, resulting in extra costs for the residents. The purpose of the Waste Act is to reduce the generation of waste and recycle usable materials.

Please make sure to sort your waste correctly: mixed waste, biowaste, glass, metal, carton, paper. Sort all of these in their respective bins.

Household items

Household items, old furniture and domestic appliances must not be left in the waste bin shelter. They should be delivered to a Sortti Station, landfill or another waste collection point. If the maintenance company has to dispose of property left in the waste bin shelter the resident responsible will be liable to compensate any incurred costs.


There is a separate bin in the waste bin shelter reserved for biowaste. Decomposable waste should be placed in the biowaste bin in a paper bag, a bin liner intended for biowaste or wrapped in newspaper. Plastic must not be placed in the biowaste bin, this includes plastic bin liners.

Biowaste includes:

  • eggshells, fruit and vegetable peels
  • berry, fruit, meat and fish waste
  • food waste and bones
  • coffee grounds, along with coffee filter paper, tea bags
  • foodstuffs that have dried or gone bad
  • flower soil, plant parts and dried flowers
  • garden waste

Biowaste does not include:

  • plastic bags, paper that contains plastic or diapers
  • milk, juice or yogurt cartons
  • cigarette butts or vacuum cleaner dust bags
  • textiles, rubber, leather, glass, porcelain or metal
  • tin cans, can lids or bottle caps
  • detergent packaging or plastic bottles
  • Hazardous waste, such as paint or batteries
  • Note! Milk, yogurt, etc. that has gone bad should be poured down the drain.

Click here to go to HSY’s website and read detailed sorting instructions.

Paper waste

Only paper waste that meets sorting instructions, such as newspapers and adverts, is allowed in the paper collection bin. Cardboard and carton that contains plastic must not be placed in the paper collection bin.

Mixed waste

Waste that is not sorted into other bins belongs in the mixed waste bin. Mixed waste should be placed in the waste bin in a carefully closed bag. Hazardous waste must not be placed in the mixed waste bin.

Please remember that the sewer is not a waste bin

Materials that could block the drain must not be poured down the drain in the bathroom or other rooms. Further instructions on the use of sewers can be found here.