Home insurance

Your house is covered by a full value insurance. However, it does not cover movable property damaged in a fire, property stolen from storage or water damage caused to furniture.

An apartment-specific home insurance does cover the above-mentioned damage. Please take out a home insurance when you move in. This also entitles you to our residents’ benefit, which you can read more about on our Residents’ benefits page.

Smoke alarm

Tenants are obliged to make sure that their apartment has a sufficient number of smoke alarms. In rental apartments smoke alarms are the responsibility of the tenant, not the owner of the apartment.

How many smoke alarms are needed?

There must be at least one smoke alarm per every 60 m2. For example, a 65 m2 apartment requires at least two smoke alarms.

Where should smoke alarms be installed?

Fix smoke alarms on the ceiling, more than 50cm from walls, corners and rafters.

Do not place smoke alarms near a kitchen, fireplace or bathroom where unnecessary alarms could be caused.

Do not place smoke alarms near ventilation windows or mechanical ventilation.

Replace batteries and test regularly!

Keep smoke alarms in working order by replacing the batteries once per year.

Test the smoke alarms in your apartment once per month by pressing the test button.

Download the Fire Safety in the Home brochure