The suitable indoor temperature is between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius. The temperature should be measured with a thermometer placed at the height of one metre and 1.5 metres from exterior walls.

The most common form of heating is central water heating, where heated water runs to each apartment’s radiators. Many of our properties have an eGain temperature control system that controls the apartment temperature based on actual weather conditions.

You can adjust the temperature of your apartment using a thermostat controller. Do not cover the thermostat with curtains or furniture, because this will prevent the thermostat from correctly detecting the temperature of your apartment and could close the valve causing the room to cool down. If the thermostat is under a ventilation window and the window has been open for an extended period of time, the thermostat will open, the radiator will heat up and heat will go to waste.

In an electrically heated property, you can adjust the temperature of your apartment by using the thermostats fixed to the electric heaters. Drying clothes on the heaters is not permitted because covering a heater poses a fire hazard.

Floor heating should always be kept on in wet rooms where it is installed. Heating keeps the structures dry and helps prevent moisture damage.

If your apartment is constantly too hot or cold, regardless of thermostat adjustment, please contact a maintenance company or the property manager.

Apartments should be ventilated using a fast draught lasting no more than a few minutes. Lowering the room temperature by one degree reduces heating costs by approximately 5%. Energy conservation is everyone’s responsibility. In the long run, the savings can also be seen in housing costs.

Tips for energy conservation are available at Motiva’s website