House rules

The residents’ committee has the right to influence the content of house rules. The rules primarily follow the provisions of the Public Order Act. You will receive the house rules at the start of your tenancy, and they can also be found on your building’s notice board. If necessary, they can also be requested from the property manager.

If your house does not have its own house rules drawn up by the residents’ committee the general house rules apply.

Peaceful living

Night time lasts from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and during this time the night time peace of all residents should be respected.

Let your neighbours know well in advance if you plan to

  • organise a party in your apartment
  • carry out renovations that cause sounds that are louder than normal.

Regardless of the notification, you should ensure that you do not unreasonably disturb your neighbours.

Residents of apartment buildings and terraced houses live very close to each other. Everyday life and communication between neighbours greatly affect the atmosphere and comfort of the house, so please remember that you are someone’s neighbour too and keep other residents in mind to make life run smoother.

Disruptive behaviour

If one of your neighbours is loud or otherwise disruptive and it unreasonably interferes with the domestic peace of other residents, depending on the type of disturbance, please either contact the police immediately or contact the property manager in writing the following business day. In your written notification you should state: the location, what happened, when the disturbance happened and how long it lasted. A written disorder notification requires the signatures of at least two adults from separate households. You can get a disorder notification from your property manager or by clicking the link below. Once a written notification has been submitted, the property manager will contact the person who caused the disturbance. If the disruptive behaviour is recurrent and continues despite a warning being given it can result in the termination of the rental agreement.

Print a disorder notification


You can play instruments and sing at home. Residents’ committees decide whether there is need to limit these hobbies to a certain time or if residents are given the freedom to freely practice during the daytime. Any restrictions are included in the house rules and apply to all residents of the house.


It is considered polite to notify your neighbours in advance of any parties or other events that might cause a disturbance by posting a notice on the notice board. Even then, you should comply with the rules related to keeping quiet in the night time and end your party by the time specified in the house rules. As a resident, you are also responsible for ensuring that your guests comply with the Act on Residential Leases and the house rules.


Careful locking of doors is the most effective way to prevent vandalism and other crime. Please lock the door of your apartment appropriately and make sure that the front door of the building stays locked at night.

If property of the housing company is damaged the offender is liable for compensation. If you detect any vandalism, notify the police and the property manager to ensure that the offender can be held accountable. Otherwise the repair costs will be jointly born by the residents.


Pets are allowed in apartments, but they are not allowed to walk freely outside the apartment. Pets must not cause a disturbance to other residents of the house or make buildings or property dirty. Pets must not be washed in the communal sauna facilities or in the laundry room and they are not allowed on children’s playgrounds. The owner of a pet is always liable to compensate any damage caused by their pet. The number of pets kept in an apartment must be within reasonable limits. Professional breeding of dogs, cats and other animals is forbidden.


Smoking is forbidden in the communal and public indoors areas of houses. KAS apartments are also non-smoking. In order to ensure the comfort of residents, smoking is not recommended on balconies either. The tenant is liable for any damages caused to the apartment by cigarette smoke.